The philosophy behind the wellness & spa experience is not focused on a single treatment but rather on the overall care and benefits for both your body and soul. Our tailor-made packages and rituals will provide concrete results, and will make you feel relaxed and pampered.

When it comes to spa treatments, vinotherapy is a well-known distinctive ritual intended for face and body care. Highly concentrated wine and grape ingredients act as antioxidants and affect the skin's appearance and regenerate both the body and mind. Antioxidants stimulate natural protection of the skin and body. These ritual treatments have revitalizing and energizing effects. Skin becomes soft and elastic and the circulation becomes much better. Active grape ingredients improve and revitalize the skin structures and help slow down the ageing process.

Here are some of the unique packages you can enjoy only in Gospoja’s wellness & spa:

  • SPA TERRA VIVA WINE TOUCH – vinotherapy body care ritual. The treatment includes a body scrub and wrap and a pleasant massage on an exclusive spa bed with a floating effect. The treatment has an antioxidative and anti-ageing effect, leaving the skin regenerated.
  • SPA TERRA VIVA GREEN GOLD TOUCH – a body care ritual based on olive pomace. It includes a special body scrub and a massage with a unique olive pomace lotion. The treatment regenerates and firms the skin and has an anti-stress effect.
  • SPA LUXURY TREATMANS FOR COUPLES – treatments for two in an intimate setting.
Certain treatments are tailor-made to meet the couple's wishes and you can choose from the following packages:

  • SPA JOURNAL PROGRAMS – a multi-day spa experience
  • LIFE OF THE SENSE – a 2-day spa programme
  • ORIGINAL ESSENCES – a 2-day spa programme
  • ENERGY BALANCING DAYS – sa 3-day spa programme
  • ABSOLUTE SPA JOURNEY – a 3-day spa programme
  • SPA SENSES INSIDE – a 5-day spa programme
Every package includes the use of the:

  • Indoor pool and relaxation zone
  • Fit zone for energizing purposes
  • Vitality corner (fresh fruit, water with fruit infusion, tea, a glass of wine)
Yet, this is only a small part of Terra Viva you are welcome to enjoy. We are trying to make every treatment an individual treatment, tailor-made just for you to meet all your needs and wishes.

Terra Viva is a concept and an integral approach to body care. It represents pleasure intertwined with the highly concentrated natural substances, professional approach of expert therapists and the relation between the rituals and nature's finest benefits.
Indulge and enjoy!