Today, family Toljanić is successful, courageous and distinctive family, known by its work as well as its lifestyle.
Brother Franjo and his sisters, Ankica and Marija, together with their spouses Katarina born Sudac, Ivan Brusić and Mladen Toljanić, are three families with twenty-one child and with their way of living, work and fellowship they make one big, united and diligent family.
Can the story about a family have a better start?
By inheriting the tradition and environmental benefits as its permanent orientation in business, opened towards all available innovations, both in business and living, this family has made one major step forward and turned its business in contemporary cooperative, an important economic and tourism factor.

Everything has started long ago, because Žlahtina is the legacy of the family Toljanić.
However, deceased father Ivan Toljanić had the special role. He and his wife Katica were engaged in viticulture, winemaking and trade, and in the seventies they've started to engage in tourism.
In 1995 he founded the family cooperative Gospoja, named after the adjacent church of Our Lady of Health. The same year, he introduced his label Žlahtina Toljanić, and in 1997, he entrusted the winemaking business to his children.
Today, agricultural cooperative Gospoja produces around 150.000 bottles of Žlahtina out of 25 wagons of grapes (approx. 90% of Žlahtina) from family vineyard (6 acres) and from the cooperants. According to the experts, Žlahtina Toljanić is one of the best Žlahtina wines. Most of the produced wine is sold in the Vinotel, in reputable restaurants in Vrbnik and in Gospoja Store in Crikvenica.

Now, the concept of the agricultural cooperative Gospoja is improved by the newly built boutique hotel – Vinotel Gospoja, four-star theme hotel with twenty two accommodation units. The hotel is built on the foundations of the family house, in an idyllic part of Vrbnik, near the sea. Everything there is Gospoja: the name of the street, the name of the beautiful park, the name of the votive church blessed by the Virgin Mary.