Žlahtina Toljanić – „sober intoxication of the wine“

Žlahtina Toljanić is the first quality wine which has obtained the right to use the label 'Croatian Creation'. It is the most awarded Žlahtina in the past 20 years, recognized in Croatia, EU and America.

It is light and potable, golden-green, with refined clarity and the fragrance of the fresh breeze - 'bava', the breeze that blows from the Vrbnik field during the hot summer nights. It contains 11% of alcohol.

Yet, this is only the 'technical description' of Žlahtina Toljanić, behind which, in each of its drops hides, feels and tastes the deliberation woven in its creation.
St Augustine was the first one who connected the sermon and wine, by saying „sober intoxication of the wine“ (sobria vini ebrietas).
The call for respecting the moderation. Sober mind that frames, restrains and supervises inebriation.
Pertinent Christian wine invigorates but does not stuns, it delights but does not unbridles, it refreshes but does not intoxicate...

Sacramental wine

Special product derived from combining the fermentation of thickened Žlahtina must and new technologies.
It is semi-dry dessert wine, with the colour of the old gold and proportionate sweetness. It contains 12% of alcohol.

In Vrbnik, the town of priests and levits, over the centuries, people donated their best wine in the honour of God, to His Glory.

It was this pious custom that was the guiding principle in creation of the sacramental wine.

Red wine Gospoja

This wine is derived from a mixture of black, high-quality sorts.

It is adorned with pure, distinctive and clean dark red colour. It contains 12% of alcohol, it consolidates the delicate aroma of grapes and the strenght of the island, tradition here is vivid and very potable.

Homemade brandies Toljanić – pleasant to the palate and good for health

Toljanić herb brandy

This brandy is derived from distillation of fermented pomace of Žlahtina, in which the fragrant and salty mediterranean herbs were added. This herbs grow on the cliffs around the town of Vrbnik, heated by the sun and lashed by the winds (bura).
Sage, wild thyme, St. John's wort , fennel... the scent of health in Toljanić herb brandy. It contains 30% of alcohol.

Toljanić fig brandy

Our beloved, insular, dried fig, which very often was the only food for the peasants in cold, winter days, was added in the brandy derived from the Žlahtina pomace.
It has sweet and compelling taste.
It contains 37% of alcohol.

Toljanić honey brandy

To the brandy derived from pomace of Žlahtina the sage honey was added. Sage is considered as the best healing herb among many others. Why? For longevity, health and enjoyment in bittersweet taste of the local brandy.
It contains 25% of alcohol.


Žlahtno beer from Vrbnik

The sparkling beer is an innovative creation of a contemporary taste, formed in collaboration of agricultural cooperative Gospoja and Austrian beer producer „Pannonia Brauerei Gols GmbH“, from the largest Austrian wine region.
This type of beer is called "hybrid beer", which is originally "Märzen" type of beer (in Germany known as „Helles“). Ingredients: water, barley malt and hops. Hop comes from organic farming from Austrian province Mühlviertel, while the barley malt is produced in the province Burgenland.

Production process: Beer base ripens in the tank for six weeks. After maturation, the beer is transfered from Austrija to Vrbnik, in Gospoja winery where Champagne yeast is added and the beer is then botteled in 0,75l. The same yeast is used in the production of Žlahtina wine.
So formed Žlahtno beer, secondarily ferments in the bottle for few months before maturing.

The special flavour of this beer (5,5% of alcohol) comes from the careful selection of basic ingredients, together with the combination of yeast used in the secondary fermentation. The selected yeast leads this beer to its sensational and unique taste, embroidered with gracious bubbles, creating a refreshing airiness.

Sparkling wine Gospoja

Quality sparkling wine made out of Žlahtina, which shines in it like a radiant pearl, foams like the sea beneath the cliffs of Vrbnik. This inimitable product of PZ Gospoja unites the unique Žlahtina and the experience of the the manufacturer in an outstanding celebration. Sparkling wine Gospoja is produced by traditional method in collaboration with Austrian partner „Sektkellerei Gebruder Szigeti Gmbh“
It contains 12,5 % of alcohol.
It continues, softly, under its voice, a ballad about sparkling wines, which many years ago, the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon (1638 -1715) had commenced, only this time singing Vrbnik over the Sea..